If you haven’t been paying attention Kristin Cavallari has been leaking more stories to the press about Jay Cutler than former Bears offensive coordinators. He’s lazy, he cheated on her, he froze their bank accounts because she wants to buy a $10 million house even though they have another she can stay in. Just messy shit that made this divorce go  0-100 real quick (real quick).

The thing is though she runs his @IfJayHadInstagram account.

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No chance Jay Cutler knows the first thing about Instagram. The only apps he knows how to even work are probably Candy Crush or whatever video app he uses to watch his deer. Wishing yourself a Happy Mothers Day from the Instagram account you run for your now former husband is pretty insane. Insane enough that I think Jay now wins custody of the kids and Kristin automatically is granted a psych ward evaluation.

Jay’s played this last week better than anyone going through a divorce has before. He’s approaching Michael Jordan in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals levels. Just let all the stories continue to be floated out there and remain quiet. Honestly, Jay’s whole career in the NFL has led him to this moment. He hated the media everyday of his career.




This is a lesson in Divorce 101 from Jay Cutler. If you build your whole persona on not giving a fuck and living a life like you’re a remote mountain man in the Catskills you’ll win the public perception 100/100 times. Kristin Cavallari’s launching grenades and Jay’s in the trenches waiting in the trenches defending the foxhole, waiting to strike at the proper time. No chance Jay Cutler even knows how to leak a story to the press. He honestly might just end up with everything by the end of this.