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Honest question: Does Steve Underwood need a mask when he goes out in public during the Corona?


Shout out Mrs. Underwood though for hitting the jackpot! Do you think Mrs. Underwood abandoned her “No Fucking on the First Date” policy when she saw she was in line for the Space Mountain of Mustache rides? It probably looked like she was grinding on Joe Namath’s mink coat for two hours.


joe namath


Imagine the type of leverage Steve Underwood has negotiating contracts. If you can grow a goatee like this, it’s over before a player’s agent even enters the room. Everyone knows reading body language is key to negotiations. But what happens when you can’t read facial features because Steve Underwood’s lips are covered by heavier artillery than at Area 51. Do you think his children or anyone on the Titans have ever seen his lips? Vince Young  showed up high to the practice facility one time and definitely thought he saw a real life Lorax.

I’m just going to assume Steve Underwood is Bane when he goes full beard.


bane underwood