I honestly thought Roy Halladay was just some robot baseball loving pitcher. You know one of those guys that just lives, breathes, and eats baseball. He was like the Kawhi Leonard of baseball. Consistently at the upper echelon of his game. He’d have a bad game or outing from time to time, but you could count on him there would never be two in a row. Every season you felt like you could pencil in 20+ wins and a top-5 finish in the Cy Young voting. Watching Doc day in and day out even before he was on the Phillies he felt like the perfect pitcher.

It turns out that Doc had demons just like everyone has demons and from the trailer it seems like this angle is going to be the focal point of the E:60. Obviously a look into the personal life of Doc came to light after the NTSB report came out that he had high levels of Ambien and morphine in his system during the crash. Brandy Halladay touched on it in Doc’s Hall of Fame speech when she said, “I think that Roy would want everyone to know that people are not perfect.” “We are all imperfect and flawed in one way or another. We all struggle, but with hard work, humility, and dedication, imperfect people still can have perfect moments.



This was is going to be must watch for a lot of people. I think Brandon McCarthy’s tweet said it best.