The NFL schedule is set to be unveiled this evening on the NFL network. The Philadelphia Eagles have an interesting schedule in front of them. With the latest rumors of the NFC vs. AFC battles for the first 4 weeks, could the Eagles be destined for prime time football?

Imagine this: Sunday or Monday night football on week 1 of the NFL season. The Philadelphia Eagles vs. The Baltimore Ravens. This game could feature fireworks from pillar to post! The high flying offense of the Baltimore Ravens invading Philly to spoil the Eagles opener. I see it differently though….this is Carson Wentz on primetime displaying his talents for the entire world to see, and put the haters to rest. Dougy P is gonna unleash the speed of this offense in front of the viewers with his creativity, and show the football world this Eagles offense is no joke! Ready to unleash madness on defenses across the league!

One can dream, right? Yo, football schedulers, make this game happen! The Linc would be lit for the home opener in primetime baby!