How about TMZ burying the lead 10 paragraphs down? Making me have to read that deep just to get to the most insane part of the story about Earl Thomas’ wife holding a gun to his head after she caught him cheating.



Hear me out, but Nina kind of overreacted pulling a gun on Earl for not adhering to social distancing. Seems like a bit much.

We’ve got A LOT to unpack here. First, how lucky is Earl Thomas that his wife didn’t pull the trigger after not realizing the gun still had one bullet left in the chamber, even though she emptied the magazine. This could’ve went to another level if she would’ve pulled that trigger.

Second, fucking with your brother in the same room is a weird move Earl. That takes  Cover 3 to a whole new level. Do your thing Orgy guy. But, if I’m doing orgies I’m doing it with a bunch of randoms. I don’t think I could Eiffel Tower a chick with my brother. I don’t know that’s just me. I don’t know how close Earl and his brother were growing up. Maybe they’re twins and thought since they were naked in the same uterus together for 9 months they can do orgies together.

**Checks Wikipedia (not twins).


Fortunately for Earl, cops say the Ravens defensive back was able to wrestle the gun away from her.

Cops say the cell phone video also shows Nina striking Earl in the nose before it ends.

Cops also spoke with Earl, who essentially corroborated the story … adding that Nina repeatedly hit him while he attempted to take the firearm away.

In an interview with Earl’s alleged mistress at the scene, she claimed Nina also threatened her and the other woman in the house — pointing the gun at them and yelling “I got something for all you hoes!”

The woman claims one of Nina’s other friends was carrying a knife and swinging it aggressively during the altercation as well.

After speaking with everyone, cops ultimately arrested Nina and both members of her posse. Nina was booked for burglary of a residence with intent to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon — family violence, and later bonded out.


P.S. Sneaky flex by Earl to get in front of the TMZ report and sliding in there that it’s his birthday tomorrow too.