Pete Rose is addicted to gambling and signing autographs. The apocalypse could be happening and Pete Rose would still be signing as fire was raining down on him.  You think a little pandemic can stop Charlie Hustle? Do you see all of those helmets behind him? Pete Rose doesn’t stop until all those helmets are signed one by one.

Growing up my dad had four different Pete Rose autographs. Helmet, baseball, plaques, etc. One was from a meet in greet at a fencing company Pete Rose whored his services out to. How about that?

Pete Rose is a creature of habit. If Pete stops signing autographs he’s going to die.

Philly Inquirer – Perhaps in response, the onetime Phillie, 78, has developed a routine that is as inviolable as the one he kept during his 24 years as a baseball superstar. Five days a week, he rises early, begins his prodigious intake of coffee, watches Fox News, heads to work inside one of the casinos, signs and schmoozes for 4½ hours, buys a salad at Subway — dressing on the side — then eats it at home while tracking TV games and his wagers on them.

“I never bet on something I can’t watch,” Rose said.


So it’s either death or Pete Rose keeps signing until one day he’s in the Hall of Fame.


Who the hell at TLC didn’t market the Pete Rose reality show? Pete just making fun of kids committing errors and talking about how his dad wouldn’t stop to eat if they lost the game is must watch television. How didn’t this make it more than 6 episodes?



P.S. I understand Pete Rose not being in the Hall of Fame, but how about Shoeless Joe Jackson hitting .375 in the 1919 World Series and getting looped in with the Black Sox Scandal and banned from baseball. Show me one person that would honestly care if Shoeless Joe got into the Hall in 2021.