Hollllllllyyyyy. Shiittttttttttttt.

Probably the worst thing in the world whether you’re a nobody like me or professional athlete is have your DMs released. Nothing ever good goes down in the DMs or a group chat with your buddies. I’m going to need Trump to sign some executive orderĀ  to enact the death penalty if you hack someone’s DMs or their group chat. If you’ve never said anything you would regret if it leaked your group chat or a DM to a buddy, than you’re a liar. Plain and simple. Because when it leaks everything you’ve said loses all context. At the time the context might’ve made sense, but when you pile it on top of everything that was said in private and mix it with millions of people coming out of the woodwork to give their own opinion; you’re not going to win that one.

In the case of Brendan Leipsic, well you’re just fucked. You can’t feel invincible in this world anymore. If the Department of Defense can get hacked on a weekly basis guess what you’re probably going to get hacked. Honestly, it probably was an ex of one of Leipsic’s buddies who just signed into his IG from their phone and never signed out.

Whatever you came to read a bunch of private DMs so let’s just get to that. Here’s a thread of all 55 (51?). Idk where the first four went but @CapitalsDegen started at 4. Typical Caps fan.





The “Unit” in question is Cardinals QB Chris Streveler’s girlfriend. “Do the Cardinals need an extra O-Lineman” is a hilarious caption in context. At least this is about to bring a lot of pub to Chris’ Cameo page. Better double those rates from $15 to $30. No publicity is bad publicity.










I know hockey guys like blow and Molly as much as any guy in his 20s who parties, but seeing it just fresh out there to read is hilarious.














This one is an absolute death blow to Brendan Leipsec ever again. Not only is Tanner Pearson going to wind up trying to turn your brain into soup. Everyone of his teammates are too. You can’t go after the wife. You can think it. We’ve all thought it about friends girlfriends and wives, but fuck! Obviously he never thought this would get out, but honestly Leipsec thought he was fucking teflon with the DMs he was floating out there. If Pearson likes some extra cushion for the pushin’ so be it.




Need to know who he 7 pump chumped with. If there’s any winner out of all of this it’s the girl who made Leipsec bust in 20 seconds.






Can we be honest with each other? They’re bad yea. Leipsec might never lace them up ever again in the NHL and this will have deeeeeep repercussions to his pocket. But besides the fat shaming/calling out Pearson’s wife and derogatory remarks this isn’t insane. I mean 10 years ago I can picture this on a PuckSluts.com blog with the title, “Jason Leipsec Scores On AND Off The Court! Pics & Vids Leaked*** (55 DMs)”. Nowadays times are changing, you can’t say this stuff. I mean NHL PR was all over this in less than an hour. The NHL would’ve just ignored it and let it play out back in the day.



Oh and I know down the line if Wooderboys ever becomes something, this blog will be dug up because in 2030 all guys might be enslaved by then. But just know this shit goes on EVERYDAY in a group chat whether you’re a pro athlete or normal dude. Not saying it’s right, but let’s not be naive.