You know this ump was practicing his Strike 3 call all day in the mirror. It’s Opening Day. Everyone’s got to be in tip top shape because there has never been eyeballs on the KBO League like there will be now. Everyone wants to get called up to the big leagues including the umpires. So what do you do? You pull out your best wedding dance floor move and you punch a motherfucker out in style! If you want to get caught looking on this umpires watch than BAM! Crouching Tiger Forbidden Dragon.


The KBO has been pretty entertaining for the late night crowd. Everyone bat flips. EVERYONE. Even on singles and groundouts – need more of those. The KBO feels like a league that’ll have a lot of Overs. I don’t think Vegas will figure them out for at least two weeks, and the dimensions make new Yankee Stadium’s right field porch look far.

I love the KBO making sure the baseball purists got their fix and keeping the ceremonial first pitch.


Korean Rick Vaughn fresh out of Seoul County Jail can’t find the zone early and is getting shelled through three.




An Eric Thames homerun from 2016 just landed and caused an explosion at a Samsung plant.


Park Suk-min is going to be my favorite player. Early reports are he’s a big joker and just hits absolute bombs. Here’s him carrying his bat to first after unleashing a piss missile in a game last year.