nbcsports philly


What the fuck is going on here NBCSports Philly? Whoever put this graphic together should have to answer for this immediately right before the Coronavirus briefings the mayor does everyday, if we’re still doing them. Get the sign language lady up there too with her. I want the hearing impaired to hear the social guy at NBCPhilly squirm as he’s apologizing to the whole Delaware Valley. I don’t think I ever wanted to change lives with a blind person before I saw this graphic, but I’m honestly jealous they never have to see this.

Trot the creator of out to City Hall to be put in barracks to be tarred in cheez wiz and pelted with the finest Jersey tomatoes by the townspeople. I mean there’s no chance someone from Philly would think this would go over smoothly. This feels like someone from the Bay Area or Denver affiliate’s getting high on the job and throwing shit at a wall hoping it’d stick.

Jim Thome is a hilariously awful choice. I had a better whiffle ball career in my backyard than Jim Thome had in three seasons as a Phillie. Jimmie Rollins played 15 years for the Phillies. Steve Carlton gave his left arm for the organization and got his 3,000th and 4,000th strikeout here. Hell, put Richie Ashburn or Robin Roberts up there just for blue hairs. I want this social media guy’s head sitting on a spike outside of Xfinity Live so we can mock it at tailgates forever. How do you honestly look at this before you hit send and think, “Nailed it”?

And I don’t care what anyone says, Nick Foles in there over McNabb or Reggie White is just a slap in the face. Thanks for the Super Bowl Nick, but come on. He played like two seasons worth of games for the Eagles. I know we’re supposed to hate McNabb in this town because he could never win the big one and constantly rags on the Eagles situation in between saying the alphabet backwards on the side of the road, but putting Nick Foles up there is like putting TO there because he had 10 catches and 100+ yards in the Super Bowl.

This honestly makes me want to puke. They should’ve just thrown Jalen Hurts up there for each Eagles player and the social team would’ve hit their engagement metrics for the year by May.

P.S. I’m a little surprised we didn’t get a boxer category with Joe Frazier, Bernard Hopkins, and Rocky squeezed in there so everyone would lose their collective shit while others put him on their Rushmore. It would’ve been the Delaware Valley version of the Civil War. North vs. South Philly. Yous Guys vs. You Guys. Delco vs. Northeast.