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You know danny_0.1998 thought he was teflon after he posted this content. He thought Bryce wouldn’t respond in a million years. He got the last word and crawled back into the Long Island sewer to go find the rest of his chin strap.


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You can’t trust a dude who’s profile picture is a selfie in their Toyota Celica with custom spoiler. This kid looks like he pays for porn. Imagine how tight this dude’s butthole got when he saw Harper responded. He probably turned the same shade of green as his neck when his gold chain gets wet.

Let’s be honest. I’m sure Bryce liked Philly to some extent. He doesn’t sign for 10+ years if he didn’t, that’s obvious. I honestly doubt he liked the fans before. Appreciated the passion they brought for the first seven years of his career? No doubt. Over the last year though I love how he’s embraced the fan base. Whether it was donating to Corona relief, showing his appreciation for Phil’s fans who traveled to watch him play in his return to D.C., or admitting he’d boo himself too after an 0-4 night in April. Bryce is easily a top 3 beloved athlete in Philly right now.

Poor danny_0.1998 had a long night after Harper responded back to him.


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