I want to shake the hand of the 97.5 Midday producer because anyone who can weasel their way to a major market radio station and still cash checks after they deliver this content is playing chess while everyone’s playing checkers.



Listen, I know we’re in quarantine right now, but fuck, it’s Monday. This is a Thursday 1:30pm in the middle of July poll. I just imagine Gargano comes in at 9:45am looking like a glazed holiday ham because the elevator’s out and he had to climb two sets of stairs, and asks “What are we talking about today?” I need to meet the person who pitched the “good fan” idea. Gargano’s face probably lit up like he saw a naked Baldy draped in nothing but a spread of Seven Fishes and deli meats.

This poll put my brain in such a pretzel that I can’t believe the Worldwide Leader backs this stuff. First, Did the social guy for 97.5 Middays not get the memo? Anything tweeted out has to have 3-4 flames and skull emojis per post. Who cares that the younger demo doesn’t even listen to the radio. It’s called engaging your followers. Social 101.

Second, what the fuck do they talk about in production meetings. You can’t tell me on a weekend with The Last Dance, more Howie Roseman QB Factory quotes, the NFL schedule releases in 5 days, Dalton to the Cowboys or the fact the Cowboys have had a pretty good offseason on paper, a major sports weekend that would’ve been if it wasn’t for Corona, and more and more and more. Nope we decide to conduct a poll for the fan who has the lowest common denominator of brain cells so they can call in while trying their hardest not to choke on the wooden block they’re sucking on.