Listen I Love some Emmanuel Acho but this guy’s a Linebacker/Football analyst not a Disney Guy like Me.

This is going to be the most controversial Disney song List ever. No Lion King, no Mulan, and no Toy Story. This is bangers only, so as Kyle would say “Lets Get Into It”.


5 – Man or a Muppet from The Muppet’s (2011)


Not Only is this an absolute Jam but it won an Oscar…Yeah a fucking Oscar. Ever heard of it?


4 – Belle From Beauty and the Beast ( 2017)


Yes the Live action version too. This is a great song in two versions. Making it a simple list maker.


3 – Shiny from Moana  (2016)


This was a really hard pick. Moana has 3 Bangers. Shiny, You’re Welcome, and How Far I’ll Go. Really any of them could be argued in the top 5 but, Shiny features Lin Manuel. Ever heard of him??? That’s what I thought he created Hamilton.


2 – The Bare Necessities From The Jungle Book (1967)


Talk about learning a way to live you life. Just get what you need and be happy. Great lessons in the Jungle Book.


1 – The Ballad of Davy Crockett from Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier ( 1955)


Unreal Man. Unreal Movie. Unreal Song and Unreal Smoker. Check out The Wooderboys Instagram story as I’m smoking a pork ass in my new Davy Crockett smoker today. This song owns real estate in my head. A 10 bedroom mansion to be exact. Once I hear it I cant shake it out of my head, making it the easy choice for Number 1.

So Clearly you all hate this top five, that’s okay because I am right.

Quick Honorable Mentions:

Goofy Movie has two haymaker’s of songs. I just could not move any of my top 5. So consider this now a top 7.

Eye to Eye and Stand Out From The Goofy Movie (1995)