I don’t understand the whole rage quit scene of eSports, I’ll admit it. I honestly should’ve been the one to invent eSports. I was way ahead of the curve on watching other people play video games. I enjoyed video games, but to be honest I enjoyed watching people play video games more than playing most of the time. Sorry that I liked girls and building whiffle ball fields in my buddie’s backyards as a kid instead of studying the business opportunities of watching video games. I honestly should be a billionaire. I could’ve just set up a camera behind my friends and watched them rage quit Madden 2010 and I would be living in Malibu instead of blogging from a one bedroom apartment in Philly. I don’t mean to piss all over this video because I was able to get some content out of it, but Jesus Josh Hart it can’t be that serious. You’re probably trash at COD anyway when there’s no cameras around. No need to throw your keyboard through the Earth’s core trying to be some showman for the viewers.

Could’ve used that keyboard bouncing back up into his face just to recreate this gif.

josh hart