The Little League World Series is one of my favorite events of the year. Kids playing ball for the love of the game.

Sure Little League has had some blackmarks. See below:




And lets not forget….. Danny Almonte.


But in all seriousness forget the cheating years. The LLWS is an amazing event. We get unreal baseball being played for 2 weeks with kids from all over the World.

I have attended 6 LLWS in my life and have my cabin booked for this year as well.

This is really a downer.

If you love baseball you should go to Williamsport for the LLWS. It’s free and the food is cheap. The seats at the stadium are great but nothing beats a lawn chair with two chopped off legs on the Hill at Lamade Stadium.

You can take in the sun, watch great baseball all day. Grab a cardboard box and ride it down the big hill above the stadium, and then settle in as the lights come on for the 8pm game.

The LLWS is one of the greatest sporting events that happens yearly. It will be missed big time this year.