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The flyover was awesome! It was good seeing everyone in the city out on their roofs watching as a collective. It was a great thank you to the doctors & nurses risking their health on the frontline. The flyover gave us a couple moments to forget about the virus for a second…blah…blah..blah.


Alright now we got that out of the way…


Would it have killed one of these bad ass circus jets to have done a loopty loop or criss cross apple sauce? Really spice it up a little and give those healthcare workers something to really cheer about. I mean they’re fighting death everyday. If it wasn’t for them Corona would be going wild all over everyone’s asses. The least a Thunderbird could do is do a couple of twirls, maybe that cool veer off move where they all part ways, or play chicken with the other Thunderbird. I mean look at the stunts they do on a casual Monday.



Listen I wouldn’t go to a petting zoo to find the next Secretariat if I needed a horse for the Kentucky Derby. Just like I wouldn’t go to an orgy expecting to find my future wife. But when you spend 100 years hyping yourself up that you’re the biggest badasses in the flight game I’m going to need more than a flyover like I’m at the Linc. Did you think we were all going to forget childhood memories when the Blue Angels would literally divebomb and come back up at the last possible moment because we’re in the middle of a pandemic? Could one of you at least fly through the two Comcast buildings for me.

I’m not calling the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds frauds. I love the military. Maybe just fire the flight path director and hire me because he obviously has no idea what the people really want.


This would be a huge day for Alex Jones if he lived in Philly.