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Before Sunday I didn’t know there was just :03 seconds left on the clock when Jordan hit the game winner over Craig Ehlo. How about the clock operator falling asleep at the wheel? The fact MJ could take two dribbles from the wing to the foul line and hang in the air long enough to get a jumpshot off in 3 seconds is absurd. Of course they didn’t use decimals back then so it had to have been like 3.9 seconds left.

Some would say MJ owes his entire career to the clock operator in Cleveland. Without him that shot never goes in and the Bulls are labeled as a team that can’t get over the hump. Would we really put it past David Stern to radio down to make sure the clock operator maybe hesitated a little on the start? This is the same guy that sent Patrick Ewing to New York by way of frozen envelope.

The Cleveland clock operator when he got directions from David Stern to start the clock late.

Full Podcast summary:

Gary and Kyle are joined by Daniel Gallen of to talk about the NFL Draft and kick around a Jalen Hurts theory they have in case there is no college football this season. The guys throw together some Slam Poetry to recap The Last Dance and talk Winners/Losers of Ep: 3 & 4. Introducing a new segment “The Gang Plays Sporcle” with the topic #1 NFL draft picks from 2010-2020. Finally – the show concludes with PJ’s Life Advice since our baby boy just turned 21 and wants some tips for the casino and AC. Make sure to Rate, Subscribe, & leave a comment!