That’s a pretty 2020 headline up there huh? The Pentagon officially declassifies a couple of alien sighting videos that featured “unidentified flying objects” in a case spearheaded by the former frontman of Blink-182 Tom Delonge. Who would’ve thought the guy that ran around naked in LA in the “What’s My Age Again” video would lead the investigation that finally brought the existence of aliens to public light.



In 2020 though anything is possible.

I feel like this should be huge news and it’s barely making a blip on the radar. I mean you heard the guy in the above video. 120 mph winds that UFO was fighting and it was turning on it’s axis with ease.



I love how jacked up this guy was finding the UFO and all he could think about was flying it. Just the biggest goofy dad grin from this guy. Saw a 14 foot UFO with sophisticated technology 100x more superior than we have and all he can think about is getting in the command seat and taking it for a spin. That’s a plane guy. Plane guys are a special breed. The type of guys who circle the date the Blue Angels are going to be in town on the calendar because it’s his favorite time of the year.


Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 9.35.44 AM


I’m on the record saying I hope the government contacts aliens or at least confirms aliens are real in my lifetime. I’m skeptical of grainy video that looks like a smudge on a radar just bouncing around. I mean come on Navy. Can we get our military maybe a color monitor? It’s 2020 for gods sake. Have your alien friends develop some technology we’ve never seen before.

All I know is we have one of two scenarios. They’re the cool aliens from Scary Movie 3 or the Aliens from, well, Alien.