SOURCE – A North Carolina woman was fearful to be on what appeared to be a flight nearly full of passengers on a trip home to Raleigh over the weekend.

Erin Strine caught video of American Airlines flight 388 on Saturday where things appeared to be business as usual with little social distancing. Amid a layover in Charlotte, Strine said she was ‘stunned’ to be on a flight that was nearly full of passengers after taking off from JFK Airport in New York. Strine, whose grandmother had recently passed, was traveling to Raleigh to be with family.

In a middle seat, she became worried for her health. Strine said she arrived at a largely empty JFK two hours before her scheduled flight and saw passengers start to gather in line to board.


So let me get this straight. Someone who is flying is angry at other people for flying?

Hey listen lady, I know grandma died, but you’re pretty much the most selfish person for  flying out of the epicenter for Coronavirus. New York is basically the city of Walking Dead at this point. You kind’ve gave up your right to be outraged when you shook hands with the Coronavirus and went up to see your family in Raleigh. I know granny was probably a beacon of light in your life, but we’re all making sacrifices right now. Fire up the Zoom and have a nice virtual funeral. Put a virtual background of grandma at Myrtle Beach or at her friends house playing Bridge. She’d probably take that over you trying to murder everyone else by infecting them.

Also, flying from Charlotte to Raleigh seems pretty counterintuitive. It’s a two and a half hour drive. Did Erin not have anyone who loved her enough to pick her up? If you’re so outraged take a rental car and scoot. This is big “Big Erin Energy”. What an Erin move to get outraged people are flying while she’s flying. People are taking advantage of these sweet deals and saying fuck you to social distancing. I’m pretty sure I can get across the Atlantic for $14 at this point. But will everyone please stop buying flights so Erin can feel safe and travel on an airplane by herself.

And I know people’s first argument is going to be, “Well airlines should incorporate social distancing and only sell half-full flights.” Spoiler alert: The CEO of Southwest, United, American Airlines doesn’t give a fuck about you. Remember when your bag was 2 lbs over the weight limit and they charged you? How about when everyone got the in flight movie but you because your seat monitor was broken? You probably also think the people in the Emergency Exit Row are going to help you if we land in the ocean? I’ll tell you what, I’m tall so I’m typically in the Emergency Exit Row. No one that is consenting to helping people is going to help you. At that point it’s every man woman and child for themselves. I’ll lead the way to safety like George when there was a fire.