This is the definition of Quarantine Brain. Aaron Gordon is cooped up in his 10,000 foot mansion bored out of his mind has a couple of full body reds and thinks it’s time to record a diss track aimed at Dwyane Wade. You know what regular people do after having a couple too many reds during Quarantine? Order Ben & Jerry’s off of GoPuff and fire up The Last Dance.

Aaron Gordon bro. It’s a dunk contest. Dwyane Wade didn’t rob you of an NBA title. If you put half as much effort into this terrible diss track about an extracurricular activity during the All-Star Game you probably would have more than one playoff appearances.

This is the definition of too many “yes men” in your crew. The fact none of his friends had the balls to tell him this rap was absolutely awful tells me Aaron Gordon doesn’t have any real friends around him. You can’t get away with calling out Dwyane Wade and calling him a hater and then bleeping out “Deez Nuts” in a diss track. You basically called him a backstabbing prick who should suck my dick. But “Deez Nuts” is where we draw the line?

I never understood the hype around Aaron Gordon’s dunk. I clearly thought Derrick Jones won the whole thing even though he just did multiple variations of between-the-legs dunk. Aaron Gordon rested his cock on Tacko Falls head. He didn’t clear him. I don’t know what Kenny Smith was looking at when he said he didn’t even touch Tacko. Tacko almost crumpled under Aaron Gordon’s ass because it fell directly on top of him. Tacko probably had to go change because he smelled like the inside of a porta potty.