Listen, I’m just trying to provide you positivity while we’re getting through a cold and rainy Sunday in Philly. Super Bowl 55 is going to look awesome when the Eagles take the lead late in the 4th off of a Philly Special to Jalen Hurts. Three TD’s to Jalen Reagor from Wentz doesn’t hurt either.

To get serious for a second. Per usual I’ve talked myself into the Eagles taking Hurts for one reason only. I don’t think we have college football this year and if we do, it won’t be until late winter/early Spring when there’s a cure. Outside of Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence no one knows who the top QB’s for the 2021 draft are a crapshoot. If Corona would’ve come a year earlier and forced college football to suspend the season, Joe Burrow most likely goes undrafted instead of #1 overall. If you’re a pro team in need of a QB why wouldn’t you take a flyer on Jalen Hurts, who has even one year of professional experience over taking a chance on Sam Ehlinger, Jamie Newman, or Chase Mond. Matt Ryan turns 36 before the start of the 2021 season. The Bears might not even pick up Mitch Trubisky’s 5th year option and Nick Foles has never proven he’s capable outside of the 215 area code. If no fans are allowed in the stands that attributes to $100 million in losses for teams, which means $3.2 billion as a whole league. The salary cap could be looking at a decrease of $70-$80 million. The Cowboys aren’t paying Dak Prescott in free agency if there is a decrease that large. If he walks maybe we get a Jalen Hurts for CeeDee Lamb trade straight up. Just kidding. But it would be great to force Jerry to take him off our hands for a 2nd rounder. The Colts, Lions, Jaguars, Steelers, and Raiders all have up in the air QB situations going forward.

Howie loves being the smartest guy in the room and this move feels very Belichickian. I still don’t like that the Eagles spent a 2nd rounder on Hurts when they could’ve included it in a package for CeeDee Lamb or sured up a position like LB, CB, WR, or OL. But if this pays off next year and we could flip for a 2nd & 4th or even a 1st if the Eagles start leaking Mahomes rookie season in practice type stories. Then it was worth the risk. I don’t know. I think it’s something interesting to keep in mind. Especially coming off a Super Bowl 55 win by Philly Special.