The most important thing is Jalen Reagor loves Son’ing defenders. The NFC cornerbacks better hope the virus never croaks because Jalen Reagor is just going to kill you with speed. He tested in the 99th percentile of Burst Score. Oh you don’t know what Burst Score is? Sorry can’t relate.

You get in Jalen’s way he’s gonna son you. You try to tackle him in the open field? Son’d. Try to go 1 on 1 with him? Son’d again. The dude can’t stop son’ing people.

Look at everyone he murdered by son’ing last year.






Chip and Joanna Gaines – Son’d



EDP Son’d/potential heart attack.


James Naismith…son’d



Mountain Mama’s everywhere….SON’d


T. Boone Pickens…SON’d x2…but RIP…NOT…Son’d again


He even Son’d the stopwatch in his private workout when he ran an unofficial (but official) 4.22. When I recorded on my phone I got 4.13 at one point. He might be even faster than we thought. #SonSZN is here and it’s here to stay!