This is a real head scratcher, don’t get me wrong I love the player but we have a QB?

It might turn out that Jalen Hurts is actually going to play a Taysom Hill type roll as many coaches scouted him that way leading up to the draft.



If they want to use him in some type of Taysom Hill way I’m all for it, but I really don’t understand the pick when A.J. Epenesa is on the board and Denzel Mims when the whole everyone is stockpiling speed. It’s starting to creep in that maybe the Eagles won Super Bowl 52 in spite of Howie Roseman. He always seems like he reaches on guys because he wants to be the smartest guy in the room. This is insane I’m writing this, but was Chip Kelly actually right about Howie? It seems like Howie has small man syndrom a la Jerry Krause except Jerry Krause won 6 NBA Championships. If you watched the press conference after they took Jalen Reagor last night Doug Pederson looked absolutely pissed. It could’ve been because he could barely hear the questions over the livestream, but you think he’d show some sort of emotion over his 1st rounder.

A whole nother caveat is we just got over all of the Nick Foles/Carson Wentz who should start/who shouldn’t start talk. Drafting a QB this high plays right into that dumbass narrative again. If you don’t believe that matters than you don’t listen to enough sports radio or go on social media enough. The takes will be flying if Carson struggles or gets injured again and Jalen shows promise.