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The day we’ve all been waiting for – for a number of reasons – is finally here. Where’s Tua going to go? Who are the Eagles going to take at 21? Are they going to trade up and get CeeDee? Are we going to win any money? Of course we are.



This is going to be the most bet on Draft ever. Put away the Russian Ping Pong and Belarusian soccer. It’s time to bet on something you care about, and not a sport where the loser goes to the gulag. Kyle, Gary, and Tyler have a breakdown of picks below. Oh and I know people throw out gambling picks and most of the time have no interest in throwing real money on them, but I’m betting on every pick I give you. It’s called honor.


Kyle’s Picks


Trifecta (First 3 Picks In Order) – Joe Burrow, Chase Young, Tua Tagovailoa (+350)

You immediately look at this and think the Chargers or Dolphins traded with the Chargers to move up.




Out of the shadows comes a mysterious figure, prowling, ready to strike at a moments notice. The Jaguars. Late last night a report came out from WalterFootball that the Raiders and Jags are in talks to send Yannick Ngakoue to the Raiders for a 1st rounder (#19).



If this deal goes through Jacksonville will have three first round picks #9, #19, #20. And I think they use two of them to go up and draft Tua. I don’t think the Jaguars are as in love with Gardner Minshew as people want to believe. Tom Coughlin is gone, now Ngakoue is gone, Marquise Lee got released out of nowhere, and reports are coming out they are shopping Leonard Fournette too.



The Jags are blowing it up. Plus they can see what they have in Gardner for 1 more year and let Tua rest that ankle and hip and rebuild with two first rounders and a full slate of picks. Even if this insane Jaguars prediction doesn’t shape out you have three opportunities for Tua to still get drafted 3rd overall. The Dolphins are in talks to swap picks with the Lions and don’t be surprised if the Chargers try to jump the Dolphins at 3 too. If the Lions can move back and still get Jeffrey Okudah it’s a no brainer.


First Draft Pick By The Philadelphia Eagles – CeeDee Lamb (+600)




I am so up in the air with the WRs in this draft, which I’m sure puts you at ease as I’m throwing out CeeDee Lamb +600 odds. It’s called speaking it into existence and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. We all know Howie loves a good trade back during his career, but we also know he has the balls and ability to configure a deal that helps them move up and get the guy they want. You paid Carson Wentz all that money, you might as well go up and get the most promising guy for your star QB.


First Hog Molly Drafted – Tristan Wirfs (+110)


Not even Dave Gettleman himself can fuck this one up. If he actually were to take Justin Herbert or a player other than an OL I will contribute to a GoFundMe to help the Mara’s pay Gettleman for life. Unless Gettleman’s trying to buy himself three more years as the GM. It’s basically an NFL rule that if you draft a QB high you are at least given two years to develop him. I can’t wait til he picks Spencer Rattler in the first round in 2022 to buy himself more time.

I also, just really wanted to keep writing Hog Molly. What a phrase for an OL. They call them “Big Uglies” where I grew up, but Hog Molly is right up there. Look at this Hog Molly at the combine. Don’t overthink this Gettleman.

He hang cleaned 450lbs…


Tyler’s Picks


Trifecta (First 3 Picks In Order) – Joe Burrow, Chase Young, Jeffrey Okudah (Even)


I don’t see the Lions moving back I think they take Slay’s replacement.


Parlay: Jerry Jeudy 1st WR Drafted & Jedrick Wills 1st OL drafted (+350)

My favorite bet of the night is Jerry Jeudy will be the first WR off the board and Jedrick Wills will be the first OL off the board and it comes off at a great value of +350


Justin Herbert Draft Position – Over 5.5 (-130)

I don’t see a Trade up for Herbert and will be taking the over on 5.5 that will be paying -130


ACC Over 2.5 Players Drafted in 1st Round

This is Tyler’s free money you’re an idiot if you don’t take this pick and don’t deserve to watch football pick.

ACC having over 2.5 player taken in the first round is a LOCK.


Gary’s Picks


First let me say their are a few deep tracks in my picks and what I mean is I’m looking at a few second rounders.


Jalen Hurts Draft Position – Under 60.5 (-182)

Give me under 60.5 for Jalen Hurts being selected. My very good friend Zack Berman told me QBs and Offensive Lineman go early. So I am going to trust my insider and take this -182 (the line moved and I also took the under at -55.5 (-121).


WRs Drafted In First Round – Over 5.5 (-176)

Another O/U total, this time WRs taken in the first round Over 5.5. Call me crazy but a lot of teams need WR and I can see the big 3 go along with Jefferson, Reagor, and Aiyuk.


Tua Second QB Drafted (-167) / Justin Herbert Third QB Drafted (-134)

No need for break down just take it.


Player Special: First WR Drafted Jalen Reagor vs Brandon Aiyuk – Jalen Ragor (Even)

I’ll take Reagor +100, this is a sucker bet. I LOVE Aiyuk but I need to be excited about Reagor if he is the Eagles pick and that’s why I’m going Reagor. It’ll suck if we don’t get one of the premier guys, but at least I’ll win money off of it.

Justin Jefferson Draft Position – Under 20.5 (-118)

Last but not least Justin Jefferson goes Under 20.5. I think someone takes a flyer on him and trades up. His stock has gone WAY up. With the recent reports of a knee issue regarding Jerry Jeudy I could see him falling. This pays out -118 and I hate bet it.