How about Howie Roseman gobbling up all the good karma before the draft tonight? I love this move. What a gesture. Imagine enjoying a nice square style while the Eagles move up and draft the WR of the future. This basically guarantees we’re getting CeeDee Lamb for pennies on the dollar. Karma is real and good guy Howie just acquired it all – on Draft night no less. What do you think Jerry Jones is doing right now? Probably blowing lines off of hookers? He’s probably making everyone work for free tonight and forcing them into his own private gulag.


Dave Gettlemen’s probably just staring at a blank screen on his laptop because he misplaced the charger. Dan Snyder’s probably sending blankets laced with Corona to a bunch of Indian reservations like his ancestors before him.

There already wasn’t much Karma laying around after Jeffrey Lurie donated $1 million to COVID efforts and raised a bunch of money for the #ALLINCHALLENGE. And now Howie Roseman’s gone and sucked all the rest up like he’s Kirby in Super Smash thanks to this.

For real though, has anyone checked on Dan Snyder and what he’s doing with all the bio-chemical waste from his FedEx Field Corona testing site? If you know someone who lives on an Indian reservation please inform them not to open any packages from Landover, Maryland.