Live look at Howie Roseman locked in during the draft:



This is hilarious compared to Dave Gettleman’s set up and his kingdom of binders.  Where the hell do you find a binder like that amid a pandemic. There is no doubt Dave Gettelman’s going to interrupt the league draft conference call with his dial up connection because he forgot to mute his phone.




How many landlines do you think the Gettleman house has? Three? His wife’s going to pick up the phone and it’s going to derail the whole Giants draft. I can’t wait til the hacker finds a way in and it’s because all he had to do was superimpose the Gettleman’s passwords on the that yellow post it note. Take a picture hunny! Look at me prepping for the draft! Ahhhhhhh I’m hacked.

Instead Howie’s got a backup TV for his backup TV. He’s got a layout for his press conferences that would make Novacare blush. A live draft tracker like he’s picking his fantasy team. Dual laptops for offense AND defense. He even has a fire going in the middle of April because everyone knows Wifi runs faster in a heated room. Not to mention some P90X if Howie’s gotta clear his mind and break a sweat during the first round.


Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 4.02.42 PM


Listen, they don’t call him Capstradamus for nothing. Quick meme for the young crowd to stay entertained.


2019 vs 2020






Nailed it. Howie’s too locked in to fuck this year’s draft up. #GetNakedOnCamForCeeDeeLamb
It’s a working hashtag.