SOURCE – “The Match II” is happening.

Sources tell The Action Network that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are in the final stages of planning golf showdown in May, and the second go-around comes with a twist: Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will be joining the duo for a 2v2 match.

A Turner Sports spokesperson confirmed to The Action Network the match will be aired live on TNT with surrounding content on Bleacher Report. It’s unclear the exact date, but rumored dates are May 15 and May 24. All proceeds from the event will go to COVID-19 relief.

The matchup is believed to be Tiger and Peyton, who are both Nike spokesmen, against Phil and Brady. It will be called “The Match: Champions for Charity,” according to sources.


LET’S GO!! The only thing that sucks about this is we have to credit that snake Rovell for scooping this. Fuck it though! SPORTS!

Two rivals on the golf course and football field collide. I’m just hoping it’s good honestly. If it’s anything like HORSE on ESPN I’m not even tuning in. I got motion sickness before Chauncey Billup’s 2nd shot. There’s no doubt they can have cameramen positioned around the course so they stay socially distanced from each other. Also, it’ll be on TNT so we won’t have to pay for it like last year. Hand up – and I hate to complain about people trying to entertain me. Last year’s match kind of stunk. Obviously it was 10 years too late, but I could’ve used more trash talking and out right gambling. Also, no Match Play. Put your dicks on the table and play 18 straight up. If Phil loses by 10 strokes, he loses by 10 strokes. Also, an extra million on each hole straight out of Tiger’s, Phils, Peyton, and Tom’s pocket. $500k from each member of the team per hole.  I want someone to have to pick what kid they’re sending to college from losing so much. If you’ve ever lost $100 on a round when you didn’t have $100 to spare it’s the most exhilarating & demoralizing feeling ever.

How do they partner up Tiger Woods with Peyton Manning? Why would you not pair up two of the greatest winners ever vs. two guys who came second fiddle to them in their respective sports?

How awesome would it be if Brady played the whole round with his 6 Super Bowl rings and Tiger just constantly chirped Phil about always coming in 2nd. Even though the first match was something to talk about I hope the addition of Brady and Manning and their history picks it up a bit.