SOURCE – An exclusive medical unit in Saint-Tropez has sparked anger after it emerged billionaire residents have access to coronavirus testing while locals do not. A gated compound at Les Parcs de Saint-Tropez where some of the world’s richest people have homes has its very own private testing site. Locals in the French Riviera resort have reportedly demanded to also have access to a test for the disease at the completely private screening operation. The medical unit in the director’s office of the 270-acre site can process samples from billionaire residents and their friends, according to the French newspaper Var-Matin.  According to reports, the service is offered thanks to the president of the compound, who owns of several clinics across France. Jean-Louis Oger is a wealthy pharmacist-turned-entrepreneur owns several clinics and laboratories in the south of France and is the association president.  News of the exclusive clinic’s tests quickly spread around the village by word of mouth and details were leaked to the regional newspaper.  It caused an outcry among locals when it was discovered the nearest hospital, Pole de Sante du Golfe de Saint-Tropez, does not have access to coronavirus tests. 


What’s the point of being a billionaire if you aren’t provided luxuries people poorer than you don’t get? Do you think billionaires work hard to get where they are just to be equal to others? You don’t become a billionaire worrying about your employees and how you can become equal to them. So duh. I’m not surprised when one of the leading pharma execs who lives in the neighborhood wants to supply Coronavirus tests to his friends and not even the local hospital. Sorry that you’re too poor to get into his gated community. I’m pretty sure no one in St. Tropez is actually poor. I think you’re just less rich. It’s like being a member of the Jordan family. Like you didn’t stink at basketball, you played D1. You just aren’t as talented as your dad who happened to be the Greatest of All Time. Maybe you should’ve had more of that drive growing up that pushed you to hit that extra gear.

I love how residents are demanding they get access to these same tests. Good luck! You know what comes with a billionaire? Ways to make people disappear. You don’t become a billionaire without some people who go missing along the way. How about the guy providing the tests could give less of a fuck people are dying all over France.

When told the Saint-Tropez hospital did not have tests, Oger allegedly responded: ‘That’s not my concern.’ 


What an all-time villain answer, you have to respect it. I feel like this guy is Will Smith in Pursuit of Happiness and he’s stuck with a bunch of medical devices he needs to sell, but can’t find anyone to take them from him.

And you can’t tell me his approach to withhold testing from everyone isn’t working. Hospitalizations are declining.

Yesterday France reported 395 new deaths from coronavirus as the number of new hospitalisations continued a slow decline.