“Hey Ernestine? Can you come in and take this picture of me looking like a Jordan simp?”


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The next four Mondays Drip Bayless is going to be on an All-Time heater. He’s been waiting a year for the MJ doc to appear so these kids understand what greatness is really like. No one was buddy buddy like they are nowadays in the 90s. Minutes restrictions? Michael Jordan never heard of them. Today’s NBA is to player driven. Back in the day players would never get surgery right before the season because they were grossly underpaid and angry at management.

I love that in two hours of “The Last Dance”  it destroyed the arguments old guys on studio sets have been making for years. Imagine if word got out that someone was openly calling their GM short and fat today. It would be hilarious, but holy shit the outrage from the Fats, the Shorts, diabetics, people with thyroid issues, all of them! Scottie Pippen would have to split up his $2 million salary to donate to these organizations there would be so much outrage.

LeBron fans on the other hand are taking a beating right now. Has anyone sent out the LeBron signal for Nick Wright? If Fox Sports 1 is smart they’d just have Nick and Skip debate for the next four weeks until the NBA space time continuum just blew up or one of them died from forgetting to breathe.



If you thought the Jordan/LeBron GOAT debate reached a fever pitch in 2017 when LeBron came back from 3-1, I hate to tell you we’re just getting started. There are going to be debates about Who would win 1 on 1? Could Jordan win with the 2007 Cavaliers with Mo Williams as his #2? Could LeBron win 3 in a row with Scottie and the gang? Why have opposing players never asked for LeBron’s armband after a loss? Anthony Davis is only the 20th highest paid player in the league. Is his value being met?

Thank god our generation won’t ever fall into this trap.

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