Cow in the pool! COW IN THE POOL!

What an absurd video. I’ll tell you one thing I did not know cows could swim. If anything this makes a lot of sense why 100s would die while forging the river. That cow could’ve used swimmies. They don’t strike me as friends of water. I feel like this cow had no choice though. The cow had to pull a human vs. bee’s move. When there are bees chasing you, you want to find the nearest body of water stat. When there are two dogs chasing you same thing. Get to the deep end and cattlepaddle for dear life. That one dog was a ride or die by the way. I would adopt that dog in a second. That mutt protects the family at all costs. Didn’t even think about not diving in the pool. He did an ocular pat down of the cow, assessed the situation, and just went for it. Pretty sure he bit the cow at one point too. The last thing I’d fuck with is a farm dog. Those motherfuckers have two jobs. Heard animals and bite the fuck out of anyone or anything they don’t know.

This video was already wild before Zorro and his boy came out of the woods ready to rope this livestock. Holy shit. Honestly you could give me 100 tries to lasso a fake cow standing still and I doubt I could do it from 10 ft away. This guy was just showing off. And how about the guy coming out of his house to make sure everything was alright? This can’t be the first cow in the pool. He was so calm about the cow in the pool. He’s a seasoned veteran of hijinx that happens in his pool. He can’t be bothered that the liner is all fucked up or that his filters are going to have cow hair in them. He just made sure the dog was ok and went back in to watch Impractical Jokers. It was the one episode where Sal loses and his ringtone keeps going off at the live read.

This almost creeps into MUST WATCH territory, but I’m pretty sure I’ve exhausted those for the year. Gotta respect the sanctity of the MUST WATCHes.