Hello folks, PJ here if you don’t know who I am, I’m Kyle and Gary’s newest member of http://www.TheWooderboys.com and the Wooderboys Podcast, the first ever intern. You might have heard my voice on the last couple of episodes of the Wooderboys Podcast. I thought maybe I would try my hand at this blogging thing since Kyle and Gary told me I could blog about anything I want so here goes nothing.

One thing I am enamored with in my 21 years of living is the disrespect that the spoon gets. The spoon to some people is like putting anything but mustard on a hot dog, which is considered childish in the city of Chicago. If it is not a hot bowl of soup, for most people the spoon just gets thrown under the bus (insert metaphor here). So my job is to educate the people on what food you are allowed to be eating with a spoon, that maybe others would wrongly justify as childish.

Mac n Cheese

Ahhh one of America’s favorite dishes. Mac n cheese for me is also a top 5 meal. I hypothesize that around 70% of the country eats Mac n Cheese with a fork and I am puzzled as to why. Not only do I guarantee to grab more noodles with a spoon but, just in case the sauce doesn’t 100% stick the noodles the spoon will scoop it right up and I get a perfect combination of mac n cheese for my taste buds


Chipotle Bowl 

When I tell people that I enjoy my very simple yet out of this world Chipotle bowl,  with their very solid plastic spoons I get faces of disgust. They are wrong and these people need to be educated. The main component of the bowl is…Rice, you don’t stab rice and my chopsticks skills are similar to a white belt in karate, plus it would be very embarrassing to use chopsticks at your local Chipotle. Make the change to a spoon!

PS: Get 3 small tortillas on the side with your bowl.


Mash Potatoes

Ahhh a food I actually just started eating after enjoying a $35 meal at Del Friscos in downtown Philadelphia during Restaurant Week. A soft creamy food, yet 60% of the people who enjoy mash potatoes eat it with a fork. This news is mind boggling and once again the people need to be educated. When you scoop the potato out of the skin you use a scooper. Why should that change when you consume the food? Be better America.

The spoon slander in this country has gone far enough. The spoon is like the Disney channel, once you reach a certain age you should never watch it again. But, sometimes I like to rewatch the Suite Life of Zack and Cody,  or enjoy Mulan on a Saturday night with the boys. Don’t get spoon shamed, it’s an excellent utensil.