Absolute domination! Bryce Foster is one of the best Big Uglies in high school with offers from Oklahoma, LSU, Oregon, Texas A&M and Texas. They call him “The Mountain” because he’s built like the character from Game of Thrones. I know they’re called ‘highlights’ for a reason and he wouldn’t clip plays of him missing blocks, but if you’re an OL and I watch your entire highlight film that should be the test if you’re good enough for the next level. This kid was flattening absolute monsters. When he would get to the second level and T up a safety I was salivating for more. You can’t tell me this corner on red isn’t dead? He bulldozed him and then sat on him!



I’m pretty sure Bryce wasn’t satisfied unless his man was on his back every play. There were plays where the RB was already out of the frame and Bryce was still finishing the block.

I do have to be fair and deduct points from my rankings since he’s scared to play in the Big 10. He probably wears a long sleeve shirt when it drops below 50 degrees, which is a big no no on Kyle’s Board of Intangibles. I want my OL’s to play with dip in their mouth, use a Bud Light can as a spitter they pulled the top off with their teeth, fart and burp openly, have that weird red mark from their shoulders to mid-tricep area that fat guys always have when they’re working out, and eat 2,000 calories by lunch.

How hilarious is it that Kansas didn’t offer him a scholarship until January? I just imagine some intern walking into Les Miles’ office to talk up this OL they just found on Hudl and saying they need to offer him right away. Do you think Bryce even opened up the mail from Kansas? He probably just let the robocalls from Lawrence go right to a voice mailbox that hasn’t even been set up.


Screen Shot 2020-04-17 at 10.31.54 AM


P.S. I wanted to do some research to see if he was a team guy and they didn’t disappoint. 2,500 yards for the season and 170 ypg on the ground. I need to know what happened to Jensen? Did he just blatantly run the opposite way when his number was called every time?


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