Press play World Press




Fuck you World Press! You think during a pandemic you’re safe over there in the Netherlands? Who the fuck even is the World Press? Feels like a discount version of the AP. This photo STINKS btw! First – too many men on the floor. Though I would never point that out to make a point.


raptors court

Second – look at all of these idiots that are looking at the Jumbotron instead of the basket when they paid all that money to be closer.




I wasn’t expecting a Friday News Dump by the World Press Photo of the Year Award to get me so animated. You think these hosers would’ve given a fuck if the Raptors lost in OT? Nope. They’d take their free healthcare and Tim Hortons and go back to caring about the Leafs. In Philadelphia, despair and heartbreak. Murder was at an all time high. Looting and rioting in the streets. Nothing but tears from an oversized man in an undersized Kukoc jersey at Misconduct. Men, women, and children fired because the Sixers didn’t make the Finals. Jimmy Butler shipped off to Miami. JJ Reddick now only speaks Creole. FUCK YOU WORLD PRESS!

I speak for all of Philadelphia when I say…


You better back the fuck up,

Before you get smacked the fuck up

Any of you from the Netherlands that wanna bring it, bring it!

But we ain’t singin’, we bringin’ drama

Fuck you and yo’ motherfuckin’ mama!

We gon’ kill all you motherfuckers!

Now when I came out I told you it was just about Kawhi

Then everybody had to open their mouth

With a motherfuckin’ opinion

Well, this is how we gonna do this: Fuck World Press! Fuck Mark Blinch!

Fuck the Toronto Raptors as a staff, franchise, and as a motherfuckin’ crew!

And if you wanna be down with Raptors, then fuck you too!

Masai Ujiri, fuck you too!

All you motherfuckers, fuck you too!

My .44 make sho’ all y’all kids don’t grow!