NFL Scouts are the best! They just know one thing and that is football. They’re professional haters. You think Silky Johnson is the Hater of the Year?



Nope. Silky Johnson wishes he be as much of a hater as NFL Scouts do. Listen, when you’re on the road 300 days a year you’re looking for any red flag to stay away from a prospect. The media and mock drafts tell you he’s a top-10 player, it’s your job to find out why he isn’t. Joe Burrow just had the greatest season in College Football history, but you know there were Bengals scouts who were trying to dig up dirt from his past. Does he cheat at Monopoly? How good was his attendance at Ohio State? Was that cigar he smoked after the National Championship actually filled with marijuana? Those clouds seemed a little more dense than usual.

Shame on Mekhi Becton for not living, breathing, and eating football. You could hear the disappointment  from the scout as he said friggin. Poor Mekhi’s love for cooking is going to cost him a top-10 draft spot because he rather focus on cooking chicken parm then extending full arms. It doesn’t matter that he’s rated on most boards as the #1 OL and runs like a friggin Mac Truck with legs.



Ya can’t play for a team that doesn’t care about you unless you perform well, if you don’t eat, sleep, and breathe football.