Pitiful. You’d think the Sevilla Sisters would have some divine power helping put the ball in the basket. Looks like the only habits they’ve picked up during quarantine are the one’s on their head. The only one giving any heart out there is the white nun. She’s full court man to man pressing like Pitino’s Kentucky teams. It’s absurd to full court press in pick up basketball, but I’m not going shame the only person showing a pulse. When you step on the parque floor you better be ready to work. If I’m Pope Frankie I’m resurrecting Red Auerbach and whipping these nuns into shape.

I mean we’re playing Dean Smith’s “4 Corners” offense in 2020? 4 Corners hasn’t worked since 82.


Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.20.58 PM


You put me in this convent and I’m going off for 20 & 10 & 14 & 8 by halftime. Call me El Diablo. You make a weak drop step like that white nun and I’m swatting that ball to Barcelona.



Sloppy play all around. If you get a rebound that close Sister Mary Pat you put that shit back up! Passing up a great shot for a good shot is a no no in the House of the Lord.



The shot chart looks like Robert Covington trying to finish in traffic. 37% within 5 feet of the basket? Don’t the nuns know nowadays it’s a run n’ gun, shoot as many 3’s as possible league? I need less post entries and more corner threes from the Sevilla Sisters.


shot chart