If you haven’t seen it Michael Rubin has started the #ALLINCHALLENGE to raise money for people impacted by the Coronavirus. He challenged A-Rod, Ben Simmons, Meek Mill, Joel Embiid, Kevin Hart, Tik Tok Stars Charli and Dixie, and Magic Johnson. Basically an A-List group of celebrities and it’s taken off from there.

Rubin is giving tickets away to every main sporting event over the next year. Olympics, NBA Finals, Super Bowl, World Series, Daytona, Masters, NCAA National Championships – everything.



Meek Mill’s is giving away his Rolls Royce.


Ben Simmons is offering an all out NBA Experience, courtside seats, and than dinner with Ben after.


A-Rod’s giving away private hitting lesson and lunch with him where you can ask him whatever you want. Imagine that lunch. I’d pepper him about the Centaur painting, who was better in bed Madonna or Cameron Diaz, and how many sloppy seconds did he get of Derek Jeter’s?



Yo Gotti is even giving away a Rolex Presidential watch and his personal tour bus. What does someone do with a personal tour bus? Do you drive that shit to work? To get groceries? Do you just keep it in your driveway and show it off to your friends when they come over? I feel like some Soundcloud rapper is going to buy this.


Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 3.08.24 PM



It’s time I drop my hat in the ring. Nobody nominated me, but the fact is nobody loves charity more than I do.



You’re welcome.

How about those offers? Did you see the lighting on that Breakfast nook? All-access to the remote? Not to brag, but my TV is 55 inches. And the main ingredient; you get to see how the sausage is made. You get to watch me craft blogs after blogs after blogs. Maybe you’ll be lucky and there will be Breaking News or maybe we make a Tik Tok. I’m basically giving my secrets away for free! But that’s what I’ll do for charity. Can’t wait to social distance with one lucky winner!


Venmo: @kylepagan


P.S. If someone actually does send me a Venmo thinking that video was serious I’ll donate all money to one of the charities that All In is partnering with.