The 1992 Foot Locker Slam Dunk contest featured a who’s who of athletes. Bonds, Griffey, Michael Irvin, Deion, Chris Carter, Seth Joyner, & Tim Brown.

I didn’t even know who Mike Conley Sr. the long jumper is, but I think we need to be talking more about his dunk from behind the foul line. I feel like that should’ve been more of a cultural moment then me discovering the clip almost 30 years later. Dunking from the foul line is insane for an NBA player. Doing it when you’re not a basketball player is outright bananas. I feel like whoever that guy is should’ve gotten a deal for a million dollars a year for life from Foot Locker.

Poor Seth Joyner was so outmatched in his first round matchup. Are we sure Seth Joyner could actually dunk or did he just want a free trip to party with a bunch of athletes? That reverse alley oop off the bounce by was legit. I at least appreciate Seth for cocking it all the way back trying to bring the rim down in the second attempt.



I love how much Dickie V and his co-host gassed these dunks up. The white guy barely got the ball over the rim on a 360 dunk and the one announcer is talking it up like he just did a 720. That pitcher was 6’6 and the announcers seemed like they never saw a big man dunk like that. Were 6’6 guys not alive in ’92? Was that the first 360 dunk the world has ever seen? The fact he got a 9.2 for this? You have to 360 between the legs to get a 9.2 nowadays.




Has there ever been more of a QB dunk than Steve Bono’s? And the Dickie V good arms, bad body line was diabolical. No wonder I’ve never heard Steve Bono mentioned in the same breath as Joe Montana and Steve Young.



Steve Bono did have the greatest QB Bootleg in NFL History though which is way better than a Slam Dunk contest championship or a Super Bowl win. Was anyone playing on that field? There was no one in the frame for a mile.



We need to bring these Slam Dunk contests back. It’s better than people playing HORSE and getting motion sickness while their connection keeps cutting out. OBJ, Aaron Donald, Pat Mahomes, Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, some soccer player, Jimmy G, Mookie Betts, and Saquon Barkley. That’s an All-Star lineup right there. I’d watch that 100 times out of 100.