WHOOP! WHOOP! I’ve honestly never heard of this guy, but he just popped up on my timeline and he is FASCINATING. I’ve watched 100 of his videos and all I can say is – Holy shit. My jaw was on the floor watching half of them. There was one where he was chokeslammed onto barbed wire and then powerbombed onto barbed wire in another. BARBED WIRE. What an absolute animal who’s definitely missing a couple of chromosomes from a DNA Souffle.

Starts @ :55

Supposedly Super Humman had a tailbone issue which forced him to take some time off, but what an electric re-entrance rising like a phoenix from the ashes like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 1.16.33 PM


This kid loves jumping through tables, drywall, light tubes, anything he can get his hands on from a scrap yard. I love this guy. He just plays the hits. He knows what works and what he loves. Just giving the people what they wants. Him and Good Friend Paul who’s basically his dominatrix with the level of pain he inflicts on Super Humman. I’m pretty sure we just watched the Florida version of BDSM.