Nothing like Easter Sunday to bond with your daughters over some vandalism! You think this guy cares that Jesus has risen? Fuck no. He’s probably Jewish. There’s anarchy in the streets! People are dying left and right. The Big Rona is gallivanting throughout Philadelphia freely. This is a teaching moment for his daughters. When everything feels like it’s not going right spray paint “Anarchy” on some unsuspecting neighbor’s wall.

This guy is probably going to hit up Old Lady Robinson’s the next block over and spray paint a whole Che Guevara portrait screaming about revolution.


che guevara


What the fuck is going on in these streets? When he handed his daughter the paint brush I almost lost it. I was waiting for her to finish it off with the circle around the A symbol. I need to know about the conversations this family has around the table. There’s no doubt this is the guy who bought all the toilet paper and the reason why there is no Purell or Clorox wipes left anywhere. They’re all in this dude’s underground bunker.