I would love to feel the emotions that were going through the Pastel Gang over in the Gallery! Just an electric display of emotion put on right there. I mean Larry Yellow, almost tore his ACL celebrating. I was half expecting him to fall over the ropes and be escorted out he was cheering so hard. To feel those level of emotions in that span has given stronger men heart attacks. There’s no doubt these guys booked it to 16 to set their chairs down hoping to witness Tiger and history.

The frame by frame watch of emotion, to disappointment, back to emotion was amazing. Larry Yellow almost jumped out of his Nike Air Monarch’s. I mean how didn’t Nike make a commercial out of these two? The dad demo would’ve been off the charts. Probably would’ve added another billion in sales of Monarch’s to the bottom line. 


Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 11.49.34 AM


Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 11.51.40 AM


The come down was a tough watch. I was starting to feel bad for Larry. You know he was yelling at the ball to go in. Probably calling it every expletive in the book a southern gentleman is allowed to say while all of his force was planted down on the Earth’s core.




WE’RE BACK!! I wouldn’t be surprised if there is still a crater at Augusta National from where Larry spiked that hat. Made a Gronk spike look like child’s play. No doubt that’s the hardest Larry has been in years.



My favorite part is when Larry threw kidney shots to Paulie Pink. His emotions just took over. We’ve all been in that moment before. Absolutely no control over our bodily functions. If you’ve never grabbed your buddy or threw a couple kidney shots celebrating your team’s big play you probably are a Browns or Knicks fan.


I love these two guys! I need to watch a big time game with these two guys. I haven’t felt this level of emotions since Super Bowl 52.

P. S. There is a lot to unpack when watching a sporting event from 15 years ago. Immediately I thought a lot of the golfers are definitely fatter, which I don’t know if that’s more impressive or not when it comes to Tiger’s legacy. I mean he was playing against a bunch of guys who look like they had cube jobs with three kids and a wife at home that they hate.

Everything is also way baggier. I love that the khaki shorts/white socks/sneakers combo is still going strong today. Fashion will forever be evolving, but one constant is khaki shorts/white socks/sneakers combo will always be a staple on the golf course. No judgement zone on the golf course.

I forgot how overly nice all the fans are at Augusta. When Chris Dimarco hit that putt on 18 to force a playoff I was rooting hard for it to miss left. I know everyone was basically rooting for Tiger that day, but the roar when Dimarco hit that putt was deafening. I hate how nice the Gallery is at Augusta. I went last year on Saturday and planted my seat 4 rows off the 18th green. They clapped for everyone as they walked up to the 18th green. EVERYONE. Didn’t matter if it was Johnny Amateur or Tiger. So much cheering. I think we need more vitriol at the Masters. Add another element to the course. Every hole should have the “Jackass” guy from Happy Gilmore. You come around Amen Corner with a 1 shot lead, you need to be able to perform under pressure. Earn that Green Jacket. Bring more Waste Management Open to the Masters.