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If I’m Roger Goodell I’ve got no choice but to suspend Zeke and Dak for the next two seasons minimum. Blatantly throwing parties anywhere in the world right now is a huge no no. I mean Carson Wentz is in isolation and probably dying to have some friends over. The difference is Carson understands and respects the sanctity of government. Zeke and Dak might as well be Anarchists.


zeke dak anarchists


At one point, Zeke was seen posting up near a buffet catered by Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse in Dallas. Normally, ya couldn’t knock him for that … the grub looked delicious.


I can’t wait for fat Zeke this season. He’s going to look like Barney Gumble with his belly shirt (if he’s not suspended already).


barney cumble


Can’t say I’m surprised Dak Prescott would put himself in danger like he was a college kids on Spring Break in PCB.