Honestly would you expect anything else? It’s like thinking Archie Manning wasn’t going to have two Super Bowl winning sons. Or Ken Griffey Sr. wasn’t going to have a son who jacked 500 home runs. Where do you think Wiz Khalifa got his lungs from? His mother fool. I feel like this has to be how the Khalifa’s hang out. Sitting on IG Live doing the #KushUpChallenge and talking about life. I loved his mom at one point geeking out because she was definitely instantly high as fuck. No doubt she probably has the same weed dealer as Wiz. She made this look so easy that I had to do some research and make sure everyone wasn’t dominating it. Which would make sense if they were because potheads hate doing anything strenuous. But nope, people are dying halfway through.


This guy had smoke come out of his ears! I’ve never seen that outside of cartoons and Yosemite Sam.



This guy coughed so hard his blunt flew across the damn living room and probably singed a hole in the carpet!



This guy was bonding with his mother on Facetime while she smoked a dart 11x in their Alabama garage.



I didn’t even need to watch this video to know this guy had it. You don’t get salt and pepper dreads at that age unless you are a veteran in the weed smoke game.



Counterpoint: I would’ve put my entire stimulus check on this guy not coming close to 10. Hard Metal is not pump up music for the #KushUpChallenge. Put some Slightly Stoopid on or 311 and let it rage. If this was the #HeroinUpChallenge I’ve got my guy in a landslide, but it’s not.