Quarantine Radio is must watch stuff! If you’ve never heard of it, it’s on Tory Lanez’s (don’t know if how apostrophes work with a z) Instagram Live. They’ve featured Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Megan the Stallion, strippers, pornstars, and he broke the IG Live record with 300k+ tuning in at one point. Tory Lanez is on more iPhones than the U2 album.

Not going to lie, I don’t think Tory Lanez is really on everyone’s radar, especially people who read this site. So here’s a little background – he’s kinda like Drake. Canadian, can rap and sing. He probably raps a little harder than Drake, obviously he isn’t as successful as Drake. But he’s on his way there. His Instagram Lives are a WAGON!




Last night he had one of the legends of her industry. Someone who’s touched lives from 55 to 15 and might have the largest body of on camera work. Alexis Texas twerked that famous ass all over the place. The ass that’s launched 1000 ships (porns) was now up close in personal in front of 250k people.




Quarantine Radio’s main seller is clout and everyone will do anything for the clout. We’ve got TONS of strippers joining the Lives to twerk and drop their CashApp. It’s so huge Tory has strippers pouring milk, and champagne all over their asses while they twerk. I’ve seen less meat at a Seven Fishes dinner. It’s like an X-Rated Club Penguin and the penguins were just running around and twerking on each other and shit. I don’t know it’s easy thing to turn your mind off and just watch.







Idris Elba, Jalen Ramsey, and Ja Morant have shown up to pay their respects to Quarantine Radio in the comments.


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jalen ramsey

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He’s united broken families.



The Stallion twerking for everyone.


Tiffany Haddish let everyone know who she was fucking in front of 250k people.





Chris Brown showed up


For a couple days Tory Lanez actually got banned because one of the strippers deep-throated a sex toy. It got too hot on the internet streets. I’m shocked we’ve got ass and titties flopping everywhere. No doubt there were some pussies who escaped out of someone’s shorts. To much ass shaking to contain it. It’s been anarchy in the Internet streets, but it’s the greatest thing on IG Live right now so set those notifications.