It’s complete anarchy in the streets of Philly! People being ripped from their homes, people being ripped from busses. When the one guy said “I’ve got the taser” I was Birdman rubbing my hands together. We were about to get a SHOW!


Listen, wear a mask on the bus please. Just do it. Don’t you know there is a pandemic and we’re trying to get through? Flattening the curve is like all you hear on TV now. Strap up and wear a mask. I don’t think you need to wear a mask if you’re in public, in the grocery store, or anywhere that’s a public place. I don’t want to go around looking like Hannibal Lecter when I’m getting my daily 60 minutes of recess time. But when you’re on an enclosed tube, just wear a fucking mask. Make a shirt and wrap it around your face. At least act like you’re trying to help.

Riding SEPTA sucks when there isn’t a pandemic. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first Coronavirus case was found in a bums spit on a SEPTA bus or Subway. Remember when there was a bloody durag just chilling on the Market Frankford line at like 10am on Tuesday. You should be praying to whatever mass transit gods there are you get off SEPTA alive.



Kinda a bad look by the cops amirite? You need like 7 dudes to pull off one little guy? That guy could talk some shit too! I’m pretty sure he challenged that one dude to a straight up fight, no weapons. I love that fight in this un-masked character. Like the anti-Subzero.



Have you ever rode the bus past midnight? When I used to bartend in college I’d take the Bus home at 3am. Stick all my cash in my sock and pray to God I didn’t have to fight off a drunk bum.

Sidenote: No fucking way I would ride the Subway at 3am. You’re not going to confine me to a tube when I’ve got a couple $100 on me. Need to be above ground in these situations.

But the shit you see on the #4 at 3am you could write a book about. Every kind of walk of life you could imagine – hookers, bums, service industry people, nurses, and. I once gave a guy my Taco Bell so he wouldn’t try to rob me. I don’t know if he was trying to rob, me but he was eyeballing the fuck out of me and exchanging a Doritos Taco for my life seemed like a fair offer.

I am going to watch SEPTA Social like a hawk to see how they’re going to handle this one. Can’t Buenos Dias your one out of this Eric.


Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 3.14.43 PM

P.S. People don’t give a FUCK about social distancing in Philly. I was down on Kelly Drive the other day (I went for a run because everytime I get off the couch I’m starting to jiggle) and there had to be no less 500 people just walking/running/biking right next to each other. Basically everyone thought Tony Fauci was a Bada Bing employee at the Sopranos. Couldn’t give a fuck less about the Big Rona.