I mean you gotta hand it to this reporter. Either he sits on his balls every time he takes a seat because they hang so low. Or he’s just the most tone deaf person in the world to ask a question like this while thousands of people are dying, and somehow he snuck into the White House press conference. I don’t know, but you’re lying if you weren’t on the edge of your seat waiting for President Trump’s answer to that question. I love how the reporter had to preface that Tiger King “had one of the biggest ratings, other than these press conferences of course.” I expect a new tweet by sun up tomorrow of Trump claiming he’s got bigger ratings than “Tiger King” and that bitch Carole Baskin definitely killed her husband.




What do you think Trump “looking into it” entails? Does he just ask Don Jr. what he thinks? Should he pardon the “Tiger Man”? Or do you think Trump barters a deal with Joe Exotic? Free passes for life to whatever nutjob zoo he builds once he’s out of the joint. If Joe Exotic somehow ever does get out we need to bring back Celebrity Boxing, except this time it’s a No Rules match WWE style Hell In A Cell between Joe and Jeff Lowe.

Does Joe Exotic have enough time to round up some tigers for the match? Does Jeff Lowe have sex with his hot “nanny” before the match? Women do weaken legs. There will definitely be pistols and explosives. Maybe even a fake Carole Baskin doll they both just end up turning on and blowing up. What if it’s a Removal Match? First one to remove Joe Exotic’s wig or Jeff Lowe’s bandana wins. Jeff Lowe no doubt looks like Hulk Hogan under that bandana if the Hulkster’s wardrobe was nothing but Affliction tee shirts and denim jackets.


Hulk Hogan Divorce Hearing

Joe Exotic might be pardoned by Friday honestly. Trump will do anything to get the common folk talking about something other than Corona.