Let’s start our day with something positive because there’s too much negative in the world right now.





This is what it’s all about right here! Two of our countries most important essential workers sharing in the fight against this virus. Healthcare workers and first responder’s jobs are already hard enough and that’s before you factor in a virus that can be transmitted so easily. I couldn’t imagine treating Coronavirus patients on the front line for 12+ hours at a time risking my life and my children or family’s lives. We all know nurses and doctors who are affected by this, especially in the Philly area, where healthcare is one of the biggest industries. You hear the stories about healthcare workers dying after treating patients or the lack of resources. Could you imagine day after day having to do it again and again? You have to feel stuck in a nightmare you almost become numb. That’s why this video is so special. People showing up to deliver a small gesture of gratitude probably pulled these nurses and doctors out of that sense of numbness and reminded them why they are vital to stopping Corona.

I can’t stress this enough how brave first responders and healthcare workers are at this time. I’m a huge pussy. I’m not afraid to say I’d up and quit rather than work in these conditions. I guess that’s good that I got a desk job, and not one that is out there saving lives everyday. Whatever though. When you see it up close, that’s when this shit is all put into perspective.

A ton of different companies are helping out first responders and healthcare professionals. Wawa has been catering entire units of nurses and doctors all week.




Crocs, the popular footwear for nurses, is giving away free pairs to healthcare workers.


Sweetgreen, Starbucks, &Pizza and more are giving out free food to healthcare workers.



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People helping people is what restores faith in humanity. With all the negative going on currently it’s nice to witness the good first hand. God bless our healthcare workers and God bless our first responders! We couldn’t exist without you.