Darren Rovell trying to come back from a late night wedgie from a social media guy at a Food Bank.



I don’t know when Twitter became the cesspool where everyone can be a pessimistic piece of shit, but the “donation equals this much of billionaire’s net worth” Twitter can all play in oncoming traffic. Jeff Bezos donated $100M dollars. What the fuck do I care that that only equals to me giving $56. My $56 might pay for 10 meals. His $100 million is going to pay for a million meals. IT’S STILL $100M DOLLARS!

Now take the most hated man on Twitter, mix it with a dash of donation shaming, and a teaspoon prefacing Darren to mention, “I’m not into donation shaming, but…”, mix it altogether and you get the most tone deaf tweet since Gal Gadot tried to lift people’s spirits by getting a bunch of millionaires to sing “Imagine”. Those donation tweets typically come from @SadieSocialist25345 who has “Eat the rich” in she/her profile. They don’t come from idiots who have made a living off of being cringeworthy, stealing content, and tweeting about wacky Minor League food. Remember he snitched to some college kid’s president because of this tweet?




Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 1.52.24 AM


Your Twitter handle in your signature, Darren? PUKE.

That’s why United Food Bank waiting 24 hours at 1 A.M. to respond to Darren and shoving him in a locker is awesome. It’s going to be news tomorrow, but getting to experience it real time was something. Now I have to donate $56 to United Food Bank for doing God’s work. Rovell tweeted back knowing he couldn’t win this one. What an absolute tail between your legs, taking my ball and going home response.


Live look at Rovell seething during that tweet.



What do you think Darren’s wife let him donate? O/U $1k? I’m hammering the under. Imagine living a life where your job is to be emasculated on a daily basis.