Imagine strapping on a helmet and running out of the tunnel at the Linc in front of 6,000 fans. Now imagine doing that same thing, but with a Swoosh on your shoulder. Already 1,000x more electric. No more shitty Under Armour apparel in the SAC that shrinks when you put it through one cycle of the wash. Give me Dri Fit, I want Aaron McKie to have his own shoe, and shoes made out of Hooter (the mascot, not the live owl you sicko). Actually, just give me Hooter’s big ass claw shoes. I’ll buy them and wear to a K Lot tailgate this fall.




.500 football has never, and will never look this good. You look good, you feel good, you play .500 football and lose to Kent State in the Bad Boy Mowers bowl. Everything coming up Temple. Next stop Jordan Brand. Once that happens we’re going to be mainlining recruits into North Broad. They’ll be lining up outside the Liacouras Center pounding on the doors to get in! We’ll never lose a top-100 recruit who grew up in the Philly area to Penn State ever again! A Nike school won the last 9 NCAA Football championship. Which proves you can’t win if you’re represented by Under Armour or Adidas.

I love how the press release couldn’t get a quote from one Men’s basketball player because they’ve either all entered the transfer portal. Doesn’t matter we’re apart of Club Swoosh!


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