Angelo Cataldi just came in his shorts from that answer. Nothing that guy loves more than a player who plays the right way, determined of course by Angelo what the right way to play is, giving love to the city of Philadelphia.

Listen, I truly believe the Eagles Super Bowl parade goes toe to toe with any parade of the last 20 years in the four major sports. There were so many memorable moments from that day. Add in the fact that 2 million people gathered in one place WITH Zero arrests. ZERO. Unprecedented stuff from top to bottom.

Here are some:





The most memorable part of the Chiefs parade was a police car chase before it even started.


His brother delivered a second rate speech too.


Even Stefan Wisniewski who was at both parades said the Eagles parade was a million times better. The Eagles fans were a million times more passionate. I mean, Jason Kelce, was hammered by 7am. There was confetti everywhere. Chris Long was dressed in a fur coat from the Mackelmore ‘Thrift Shop’ video and an AI jersey in 30 degree weather.