SOURCE – England international Walker, 29, partied with escort Louise McNamara, 21, and a 24-year-old ­Brazilian call girl after he and a male pal invited them to his £8,000-a-month rented luxury apartment in Hale, Cheshire.

And furious City bosses could slap the defender with a huge fine for ignoring health and social distancing guidelines.

Walker issued a grovelling apology, accepting his behaviour was in “direct contrast” to his pandemic message. A statement read: “I want to take this opportunity to issue a public apology for the choices I made last week.” “I understand that my ­position as a professional footballer brings the responsibility of being a role model.” “As such, I want to apologise to my family, friends, football club, supporters and the public for letting them down.” “There are heroes out there making a vital difference to society at the moment, and I have been keen to help support and highlight their amazing sacrifices and life-saving work over the past week.” “My actions are in direct contrast to what I should have been doing regarding the lockdown.”


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You know what Kyle’s hate? Red Bull, spoiler-less Honda Civics, drywall, and staying indoors. A Kyle can’t stay put without human interaction for a long time. It’s like locking up El Chapo. We’ll find a way to escape the shackles of social norms.

Add Kyle Walker, Man City soccer player, to the list. You think some world famous soccer player is just going to stay couped up in his apartment during the quarantine? There’s only so many times you can play FIFA or watch movies before you need to call in the escorts. By the way? Is prostitution legal over in England? Or are we calling them escorts because that’s inclusive now? I think you lose your preferred pronouns when you start sucking dick for money. I don’t know. Seems like there should be ground rules. Any chance America starts adopting these rules?

And how about this soccer player placing an order with the Madame like he’s at a McDonalds.

Louise, who is studying criminology at Manchester Metropolitan University, said: “I work with an agency in Manchester. I got a message from my boss saying a high-profile client was looking for somebody classy.


Guy doesn’t want a bottom barrel bitch. Needs a classy hooker. Give me the girl studying criminology at Uni. I’m sure he just wanted to pick her brain about the capital punishment policies of pre-Victorian era England and how their lasting impact effects today’s economy. I mean was reporting her major necessary? Yea she’s a prostitute, but she’s studying economics. Has an internship in the Parliament in June.

The best part is this came a day before he posted an Instagram urging people to stay indoors.



“Hey everyone. Stay indoors. Unless you’re rich and famous and need your dick sucked. Thank you.” Do you think he filmed that, posted it, and told his buddy to call the escorts 5 minutes after?


P.S. How about the escort going right to the tabloids to snitch? I mean this guy is no Derek Jeter. What was your lawyer quarantined and couldn’t print off a surplus of NDAs for every girl you bring back to sign? Gotta be better than that Kyle. Give me some effort on a background check. Maybe develop some relationships in the escort game so there is some level of trust. Day 1 I want to get my dick sucked shit.