Listen you feel a different type of way when you get out of Church after the priest just delivered an electric Homily in the thick of the Corona. Add in the fact the Blood of Christ and the Holy cracker probably just hit differently at 6pm Mass. I’m not mad at this woman for feeling invincible. She’s got Jesus’ blood covering her.

You know this woman’s been itching to go to mass all week. She’s a mass-aholic. Probably goes Saturday evening and returns at 9am Sunday for more. Can’t get enough of that Jesus blood coarsing through her body. Could you imagine if she found out Jesus blood wasn’t FDA approved? Her head would probably spin like the Exorcist.

And how about this lady claiming she goes to the grocery store everyday? Doesn’t that sound pretty counter-intuitive? Like what’s this lady feed a fucking a football team for dinner every night? Does she own a tiger zoo? Has she never heard of the discount Wal-Mart meat truck? Nope. That’s a bored middle aged mom move. Bored middle aged women with nothing to do love passing the time going to the grocery store. You get home and wonder why your family needed 10 different types of salt? Table, Himalayan, Pink, Kosher, Smoked, and Pickling. There’s no answer. It’s just a bored mom doing bored mom things.

She shut that reporter up real quick with the “Thank you very much”.  If that guy doesn’t watch it she’ll murder him. Did he ever hear about the Manson murders? If this chick was living in California in the mid- 70s there’s no doubt she’d be brainwashed into that cult. The only thing worse than a mom with too much time on her hands is a Jesus freak looking for more blood.